No config, no locking in Platform as a service for startups.

We build, maintain, scale, and monitor your cloud infrastructure so you can focus on your business.

Everything you need to run in cloud.

We build and maintain infrastructure code so you can focus on your business logic.

Frequently asked questions

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    • Is a PaaS like Heroku?

      While we aim to provide a frictionless deployment experience like Heroku, we're not a traditional PaaS. We are fully transparent about the infrastrucutre code and config to power your applications, as well as the cloud cost. We won't lock you in.

    • Are you a IaaS?

      No we are not. We're not competing with public cloud services. We build cloud infrastructure for you with industry-standard tools Terraform.

    • Are you a cloud consultant?

      Think of us like a cloud infrastructure team you'd hire but with a fixed, tiny fraction of cost.

    • I already have an infrastructure team, how can I use can do all boring and tediuos infrastructure tasks, and empower your infra team to innovate on what matter most.

    • Can I see the generated infrastructure code?

      Yes. In fact, all the infrastructure code and configurations that power your applications are transparent and belong to you.

    • Can I keep the code and cloud account when I terminate my service?

      Yes. They are belong to you.

    • What cloud services do you support?

      We plan to support AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure at this moment. Please let us know if you have a special need.

    • Can I bring my own cloud account?


    • How much will it cost? is be free during alpha period. After that, will cost a small fixed monthly fee per user. You still have to pay your cloud bill though.All the cloud cost will be transparant to you.